Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric Bike Repair & Maintenance Services

An electric bike or e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. The pedal, handle, and typically look like a standard bike but have the benefits of electric help, which requires less overall energy, and allows for the rider to travel longer and at faster speeds with ease. An electric bike typically offer the rider a boost option, however riders are generally required to pedal in consistency when the charge runs out. An electric bike have the main components like motor, battery, and controller all combined right into the design of the bike. They are meant to complement human power but cannot replace it. Most electric bikes on a flat road or path can go speeds of about 20-25 miles per hour.

E-bikes need charging like any other battery-powered device. Charging the battery is as simple as plugging it into a wall plug. Charging can take anywhere between 2-8 hours. Depending on the an e-bike, they have various range abilities which can be used by pedal or reduced electric help when going up hills that require more battery power.

E-Bike Components Repair & Maintenance

An electric bike has the additional components of an electric motor, battery, controller, etc.

  • Electric Motors – Most electric bikes have a hub-drive motor that delivers power directly to the wheel or motor that delivers power to the drive train.
  • Batteries – Most electric bikes use lithium ion batteries.
  • Controllers – The two main types of controllers are scrunch and pedal help. An electric bike use a scrunch on the handlebars to engage the electric motor when pressed. You don’t even have to pedal, although the less you pedal the sooner your battery will drain. Pedal help an electric bike engage the motor only when you pedal, and provide different levels of help.  Some electric bike have both throttle and pedal-help so you can use both.

E-Bike Maintenance Services

Proper electric bike maintenance is not much of a difference than the maintenance needed for any other bicycle. However, it is true that electric bicycle services are bit of a work.

  • Riding with a flat tire could be dangerous, with the speed you are travelling with an electric bike, it’s very important to have well-inflated tires for better control of your electric bike.
  • Check the screws that put your brakes together are loose. If they are loose, you are going to have even more problem stopping your electric bike on time. Brakes to an electric bike is a very important feature in confirm safety.
  • When we say fully charge, please do not mistake it as charge as long as you can. Charging for longer hours than it’s supposed to could decline the battery quality and in the long run could eventually lead to misfortune accidents like explosions.
  • Check whether your Handlebars and Stem are loose.These parts of your bike are serious when it comes to controlling your ride. So, it is important to check your handlebars every now and then.
  • Check the brake pads or brake Calipers are off. The Brake Pads of an electric bike are important as well. Similar to the Brake screws, if this part is not doing its best, you might face problems trying to stop in time if you need to.