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Bicycle Repair at Home Dubai – Arjan, Karama, Sports City, Al Barsha

We are a Professional Bicycle Repair Shop in Dubai and provide bike repair at Home near Arjan, Karama, Sports City, and Al Barsha in Dubai, UAE. We do bicycle repair, bicycle maintenance, and bicycle up-gradation from our Qualified and Experienced expertise with an added advantage of doorstep service – Free Pick up & Drop off.

BICYCLEFIX is a smart alternative to the traditional Bicycle Repair Shop. We understand people live busy lives, it’s not always convenient to drop off your bicycle at a workshop and schedule a time to collect it. Addressing this primary concern. we offer easy, convenient and reliable services.

How we work? It’s simple

  1. Book bike repair services by using WhatsApp or website
  2. Once the order will be placed we will come to you and pick up your bike,
  3. We will fix and repair your bike and get back it to its good health,
  4. And lastly, we will deliver it back to you.

Why it is important?

It is very important to understand your bike’s health, a little wobble or rattling of parts may sound small but it can create bigger damage to your bike. There are over a hundred parts of a bicycle which can probably have a problem and you might not know about it. There are multiple services which you can’t provide your bike at home like-

  1. Gear Tune-up
  2. Hubs Checkup
  3. Alignment of Headset
  4. Bottom Bracket Checkup
  5. Check and adjust brakes
  6. Check and Lube Chain
  7. Check and Lube Cables
  8. Wipe clean the bicycle
  9. Check tires& inflate to correct pressure
  10. Checking and Tightening all screws and bolts

And many more. where you need our help.


There are over 8 kinds of bikes and every bike can be customized with our client’s preferences.

  1. Road Bike – Road bikes are the most common bike in the world.
  2. Mountain Bike – Mountain bike is for those who like adventures and love to go on mountain trails and off-road riding for fun.
  3. Hybrid Bike
  4. Electric Bikes
  5. Folding Bike
  6. Touring Bike
  7. Cruiser Bike
  8. Women Bike

Every bike need a different kind of its own repair

Bike Repair at Home Dubai – Arjan, Karama, Sports City, Al Barsha

Learning how to repair a bicycle is good when you ride it often, but you need to understand that not all problems can be fixed or can be repaired at home until you take it to a bike doctor, a machinic, or to a professional.

If we will talk about how to maintain a bicycle, well it’s simple like we all humans do, go to a doctor for a routine checkup, so, very similar take your bike for routine maintenance or service, why? Because there are many problems which people might ignore, a little squeak, a little wobble, or a little sound of rattling which people can easily underestimate but taking to a shop for a professional routine checkup is very helpful for your bike’s health and BICYCLEFIX has good and skilled professionals.

Why Repairing of a Bicycle is Important?

Well, there are over fifty parts of a bicycle and every part of it performs a very important character in its’s working and its flawless movement.

Brake –  devices used to stop or slow down a bicycle.

Frame – the mechanical core of a bicycle, the frame provides points of attachment for the various components that make up the machine.

Head tube – the tube of a bicycle frame that contains the headset

Seat post – a post that the seat is mounted to. It slides into the frame’s seat tube and is used to adjust ride height depending on how far into the seat tube it is inserted.

Handlebar – a lever attached, usually using an intermediary stem, to the steerer tube of the fork.

Headset – the bearings that form the interface between the frame and fork steerer tube.

Tire – is glued to the wheel rim; most tires use tubes, but tubeless tires and rims are increasingly common.

Rim – that part of a wheel to which the tire is attached and often forms part of the braking mechanism.

Spoke – connects wheel rim to hub.

Fork – a mechanical assembly that integrates a bicycle’s frame to its front wheel and handlebars, allowing steering by virtue of its steerer tube.

Pedal – the mechanical interface between foot and crank arm.

Chain – a system of interlinking pins, plates, and rollers that transmits power from the front sprockets to the rear sprockets.

Chainstay – a pair of tubes on a bicycle frame that runs from the bottom bracket to the rear fork ends.

Hub – the core of a wheel; contains bearings and, in a traditional wheel, has drilled flanges for attachment of spokes.

Seat stay – the roughly vertical tube in a bicycle frame running from the seat to the bottom bracket.

Brake lever – a lever for actuating a bicycle brake

Top tube – the tube of a bicycle frame that contains the headset

Brake cable – a metal cable enclosed in part by a metal and plastic housing that is used to connect a control, such as a brake or shifting lever, to the device it activates.

Down tube – tube on the bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

These are some important parts to remember, all of these explained parts perform an important role and time to time corrections, they can break while riding or can damage by riding on uncomfortable surfaces. The breaks can loosen up, the rim can have some damages or pedal can mover from its axis, etc. there are many more problems which can’t be solved by just a little home correction, there is similar more problem which needs professional help like BICYCLEFIX where you can provide your bike full comfort and care.

Mark one thing “do not experiment with your bike if you don’t know what part is causing the tension, why? Because you’re going to hurt your bike or yourself” so seek out professional help.

Chain Maintenance

Chain Maintenance

There are many problems happen in your chain area or in the chain itself, the major and one of the most common problem is Reattaching the chain. Reattaching a chain might not song a very big deal when it comes to repairing bike parts.

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Tyre Maintenance

tyre Maintenance

The very most common problem is a flat tire. Well, when we talk about a tire we should remember a few points such as Check your tire before and after every ride, Check your tire for grip and grind and Check if your tire is not bubbling or wobbling.

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Brake Maintenace

Brake Maintenance

Another very important part of the bicycle, you will definitely not like your bike’s break to fail or to have any kind of flaws. BICYCLEFIX suggests if you ride your bike often or regularly we’ll say to check your brake’s before and after your ride your bike,

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Gear Maintenance

Gear Maintenance

if you leave unnoticeable problems it can create great damage to your bike like unwilling sudden changes in speed due to some wire issues, lose nuts and bolts which helps to hold the particular speed you choose to ride.

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Tune up Service

Tune up Service

Tuning a bicycle is less like fixing a household appliance, and more like tuning a musical instrument. It requires the mechanic to have certain solid technical skills, but also a good ear, a précised touch, and not a small amount of shine and finesse.

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Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric bikes tends to be very bulky and heavy, which catches more damages comparatively. BICYCLEFIX suggests you to check your bike’s motor and electrical parts before and after ride.

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