Planning to Buy a New Bike? Things to consider when buying a new bike in 2021
APR 2021

Planning to Buy a New Bike? Things to consider when buying a new bike in 2021

Things to consider when buying a new bike

Bicycles have changed a lot during the last 3 decades. What should you consider before buying a new Bike?

With the inclusion of carbon fibre frames, Gears and suspension into the market, we see some of the most beautiful and creative designs that the cycling world has ever seen. But with that advancement and with the new technology, the price of bikes has also soared towards the sky.

There are road bikes and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, comfort bikes. Beach cruisers and commuting bikes. “City path” bikes and touring bikes etc…

Confused? what to consider before buying a new Bike?

Even Bike-shop owners face this problem regularly. Most people walk into the shop and don’t have a hint of what type of bike they need to buy. The reply depends on what kind of bike riding actually you want to do—long-distance rides, trail riding, road riding—or just spins around the neighbourhood.

When considering purchasing a new or used bike, the following tips may prove useful in narrowing down your choice and finding the right bike that’s perfect for you. These tips are not meant to be totally complete, but instead provide a good starting point for learning what will work best for you.

Things to consider when buying a new bike
Things to consider when buying a new bike in 2021

Budget :

                Budget plays the most important role to consider before buying a new Bike. The price of a good bike may start from 1000 AED to 100000 AED. So you should first plan what your budget for the bike should be. In UAE normal budget for a good bike can start from 7000 AED. And in  7000 AED you will get a good bike that suits your basic needs. But if your budget is low I would suggest you buy a used bike rather than a cheaper new bike.

Types of bikes :. You can choose a bike depending actually upon what you want to do with your bike like., like long-distance rides, trail riding, road riding—or just spins around your neighbourhood. There are basically 3 types of bikes Road bikes, Hybrid Bikes and Mountain Bikes

                Road bikes: Road bikes are basically for riding on roads. They have thin tyres and the rider rides the bike in a bend position. They              are the fastest to ride, easy to pedal

                Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes are a combination of Road bikes and Mountain bikes. You can find more about hybrid or gravel bikes here.

                MTB: It is the most popular class of bikes. If you are a beginner in cycling I would recommend you to start with a mountain bike. It is an all-around bike. You can use it for on-road or off-road of course it may be slow on roads and hard to pedal.

Gears :

                 It’s up to you to decide if you need a geared or non geared bike. Non geared bike may be cheaper and will have lesser maintenance. But if you have a higher budget you can go for a geared bike. The best thing about geared bikes is that they are more efficient, versatile, and comfortable to use. With the additional features of a hub or derailleur gear, you can shift the gears at will. It also makes it a lot easier for you to both go uphill or even to increase speed on roads.

                Shimano, Altus and Acera are some of the best quality brands of gear manufacturers. You can find more info, and differences between these here.

Brakes :

                Basically, there are three types of brakes – Rim brakes, Disc brakes, and Drum brakes. You can choose the type of brake-based on your budget requirement. To know more about different types of brakes click here.


                 It’s always good to have a bike with front suspensions. Rear suspensions are found to be effective only for high-end bikes.   Anyhow it’s only my suggestion. It’s always a matter of choice for every individual. Click here to know more about bike suspension before buying a new bike.

Tyres :

                There are three types of tyres for a Mountain bike. 26inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches. These are the diameters of the tyres.

                26 inched tyres are the cheapest and easiest to maintain.29 inch tyres are expensive but they easily rollover potholes and    best for off road. Its parts are expensive and a bit difficult to control as the tyres are big in size. 27.5 inched tyres are a combination of 26 inch and 29 inch tyres. Its parts are not easily available. I would suggest you to stay away for 27.5 inched     tyre bikes.

                You can now more about bikes and tyres here

Size :

                 The same model of the bike may be available in different frame sizes. Like 16”, 17” or 19”. Finding the one that fits you is important not only for reasons of comfort but also for safety. So it is important for you to identify the best size that suits you. It would be in the best interest to choose the frame size with respect to your height. Also, you can refer to the height chart from the shop you are buying the bike. You can also opt for a test drive before buying a bike.

Brands :

                 I would suggest always trust on the best-known brands. before buying a new boke. You can enquire from your rider friend about a brand. Buy the product from a brand that provides the best after-sales service, provides availability of spares etc.

Frame types:

                 There are basically three types of frames for bikes. The carbon frame, steel frame and aluminium alloy. Steel frame bikes are the cheapest, next will be the steel frame bikes and carbon frame bikes will be the expensive ones and they are normally found in High-end bikes. Select the best frame that suits your requirement before buying a new bike.


Buying a new bike isn’t exactly easy at all, it can be a challenge since there’s a lot of things you have to consider. However, there is so much beauty in cycling and all of your efforts will be paid off once you get the bike that will best suit you. Cycling also improves physical and mental health and reduces the chances of encountering many health issues. Stay safe and ride happily!

You can always contact us if you need more help in choosing and buying a bike.

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