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As the COVID 19 lockdown keeps on causing concern and vulnerability around the globe. A few bicycle service and safeties to be maintained for social distancing and smooth bike ride during COVID 19 by cyclists We need to get adjusted to live with COVID 19 we and also need to ensure safe social distancing.

The break out of coronavirus, or Covid-19, has significantly affected our cycling plan.   The concern of getting infected with COVID 19 on public transport has helped lead to an increase in cycle-to-work schemes. As people appear to prefer personal modes of commute during a pandemic, cycling is the best and safest means to maintain social distancing and prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

Bicycling is pure delight. Going on a long bicycle ride is more enjoyable than driving a motorbike. The advantage of cycling is that it is the best workout for your body and mind. Secondly,  a  bicycle gives out no carbon emissions and so we can contribute to environmental protection also. However, bicycle maintenance needs to be done regularly in order to keep it running and prevent breakdowns.

Here are a few things you should know to make sure your bike is sanitized for covid 19 and  mechanically sound before you hit the road During Covid 19 period

Get your  bicycle service Done from a contact less delivery bike repair shop

Get your bike service done from a professional bicycle repair shop that ensures your bicycle is fully sanitized and provide you with a contactless delivery.

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Keep your bicycle inside, avoid storing it outside. Keep it clean and dry. Avoid keeping your bicycle in public places or parking to ensure that your bicycle does not come in contact with a covid 19 carrier. 


Cleaning a bicycle is important to make it virus free and maintain its longevity. Wash the bike gently, using soapy water. Use a soft nylon brush to scrub the parts that have accumulated dust. Make sure that you rinse the bicycle well after washing it with soap water.

Tire pressure

Always check the tire pressure of the bicycle and ensure that it is at its optimum.  Wrong tire pressure reduces the rubber tube’s life.

Broken or Bent spokes

The spokes are like to get bent or break, as a rule at a point where the spoke meets the center point or wheel. Broken or bent spokes ought to be fixed promptly from a professional bike repair shop so as to guarantee a comfortable and breakdown free bike ride.


The main role of lubrication is to reduce friction in the moving parts. It is important to choose the right kind of lube based on the climatic conditions of your region. Different lubes are available for dry climates, humid climates and cold conditions.

Loose Nuts and Bolts

Loose nuts and bolts can be extremely risky since significant pieces of the bike could simply snap off the casing and cause genuine wounds to the rider. Get the bike adjusted once in at a professional bike repair shop  at regular intervals and guarantee that all nuts and bolts are fully tightened.

Seat issues

The seat is the place you sit ride your bike. So as to evade spinal pains and other medical issues of the musculoskeletal framework, the seat ought to be at the correct height and level. In the event that you experience distress while riding, ensure that you get the seat adjusted according to your solace.

We need to avoid public transport to avoid getting infected with the COVID 19 virus. A bicycle will be the best solution to this. Keep your bike sanitised in a safe sheltered spot and enjoy a safe and incredible ride.

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